Can Two Narcissists Date Every Different and Get Alongside?

Narcissism is within the phrase of the last decade.

Today, it’s colloquially and clinically bandied about, typically and incorrectly. 

However we’re not right here to shake fingers at folks utilizing the phrase haphazardly.

As a substitute, we’re leaping into the dialog about abnormally self-absorbed of us, particularly relating to what occurs when two narcissists date one another. 

Do narcissists get together with different narcissists?

And if that’s the case, why?

It’s an exceptionally difficult dynamic, however we’re making sense of all of it under.

Are Narcissists Drawn to Different Narcissists?

The hallmark of narcissism is socially unacceptable self-absorption. Different traits embrace:

  • Allure: Many narcissists ooze allure when first assembly folks. It’s the honey they use to lure their prey.
  • Grooming: Appearances matter to narcissists, who spend a whole lot of time grooming.
  • Superior Standing: Folks with NPD consider they’re superior to others.
  • Delusion: In the end, narcissistic character dysfunction(NPD) is about dwelling below the phantasm that you simply’re superior to the oldsters round you. 

Folks with the situation current on a spectrum — of which there are differing types.

For instance, somebody might have narcissistic tendencies however not a full-blown narcissistic character dysfunction. Moreover, there are two essential forms of NPD: “weak” and “grandiose.”

Individuals who fall into the previous class are extra needy and delicate, the latter extra extroverted and domineering. Each give attention to preening, peacocking, and pathologically concentrating on their wants and desires.

When it comes to preliminary attraction, it makes full sense that two comparable character varieties would discover their approach into one another’s arms — (or radar crosshairs, relying on the way you take a look at it).

In spite of everything, they each in all probability look good, talk equally, and spy a possible asset within the different.

Do Narcissists Fall in Love? 

Opposite to widespread assumption, narcissists typically wind up in relationships with each other. Typically, it’s a matter of selecting among the many prepared — who are sometimes equally inclined.

Different occasions, of us with self-involvement points naturally fall for one another (for causes we’ll discover extra extensively under).

couple dressed in towels facing the mirror two narcissists in a relationship

It’s additionally frequent for 2 covert narcissists in a relationship to turn into very hooked up as a result of they share comparable traits. They could not know they’re narcissists however are attracted to one another’s self-absorption and standing nervousness. 

However falling in love and staying in love are various things. It’s uncommon for a narcissistic pairing to final long-term.

For starters, each events want a great deal of consideration and prioritization, making it not possible to seek out the stability required for a wholesome partnership.

Secondly, narcissists thrive on pulling new folks into their internet, so infidelity is at all times an enormous situation.

Two Narcissists in a Relationship: 15 Causes They Are Attracted To Every Different 

So why are many narcissists attracted to one another? Furthermore, what’s the relationship dynamic of those character varieties? Let’s dive in.

1. Real Bonding Is Not Required

Most individuals need to bond with their important different in deep and significant methods. Then again, Narcissists are high quality with empty declarations of ardour and different simulacrums of Deep Love™.

Resultantly, they don’t count on the opposite individual to open up in a real capability, which feels very comfy within the relationship’s early phases as a result of narcissists don’t admire being questioned.

2. They Have Related Personalities

Like attracts like, so it stands to motive that narcissists entice different narcissists. Since they assume, act, and philosophize in comparable fashions, getting right into a relationship is straightforward.

Moreover, their priorities align. However once more, this pseudo bond solely lasts so lengthy.   

3. They’re Liable to Narcissistic-Tolerance Situation

“As a consequence of perceived similarity,” explains an article in Psychology At present, “narcissists are extra tolerant and keen on narcissistic friends.”

The piece explains that narcissists who “gravitate in the direction of one another” might mirror “a viewpoint of narcissism as much less objectionable than most individuals would understand.” 

In different phrases: Narcissists are extra accommodating to different narcissists’ quirks. The idea is called the narcissistic tolerance principle, and researchers are pretty sure it’s a verifiable phenomenon.

4. They’re Comfy Manipulating and Being Manipulated

Narcissists aren’t recognized for his or her depth. It’s their shallowness that stands out. If there’s recognition available, narcissists need it — they usually’ll go to nice lengths to get it.

Malignant striving is completely different from ambition. The latter is an inexpensive drive to succeed current in massive swaths of the inhabitants; the previous includes manipulating others in any respect prices for the only objective of elevating one’s profile.

When two folks with sturdy NPD traits be part of forces, they see nothing unsuitable with utilizing one another for self-serving ends. And since each are prepared, it may possibly turn into some extent of attraction.

5. They Derive Their Provide From One One other

These with NPD require countless reward, recognition, and coddling to really feel good. This medley of wants is called the “narcissistic provide.” With out it, they’re erratic, reckless, and, within the worst circumstances, harmful.

couple in semi formal clothes two narcissists in a relationship

Two narcissists could also be drawn to one another as a result of they’re every prepared to fill the opposite’s provide tank to obtain the identical in return.

6. Their Avoidance Tendency Ranges Match

Most narcissists have avoidance tendencies, which means it’s extra comfy to disregard issues than to face them.

In some methods, it’s a survival intuition, and their aim — acutely aware or unconscious — is to close down all recollections, feelings, ideas, and concepts threatening to vex or problem their sense of stability and superiority.

Narcissists are much less prone to demand deep, clear conversations with their companions. In spite of everything, doing so might be uncomfortable, they usually at all times look out for #1 — themselves.

Primarily, two narcissists in a relationship will gladly brush every part below the carpet collectively, which feels safer to them.

7. They’re the Good Mixture of Narcissistic Sorts

Above, we touched on the polar ends of the NPD globe: weak and grandiose. Briefly, the previous is extra outwardly insecure, and the latter is extra satisfied of their superiority.

To make sure, most individuals with the situation are a mixture of each and fall someplace in between.

Typically, nevertheless, the cosmos align and unite two narcissists who complement one another’s sort completely.

It normally includes somebody with largely weak tendencies pairing with somebody who’s smack within the heart of grandiose and weak. 

In these conditions, weak narcissists lap up the preliminary allure and love-bombing of center-straddling variations, who likewise admire the extra introverted events’ admiration and a spotlight.   

Chaos can ensue when the extra grandiose individual unleashes one thing harsh on the weak one, setting the latter into an emotional tailspin.

8. They’re Wonderful With Transactional Relationships

“Rob” desires a ravishing girl on his arm for the workplace vacation social gathering. “Kate” wishes a historically good-looking man to spotlight throughout her social media accounts.

Each Rob and Kate fall on the extra extreme aspect of the narcissistic spectrum, so neither is overly involved about something in addition to the facade. In the end, they serve every others’ functions like a hand-in-glove.  

This hypothetical situation represents one of many extra frequent narcissist pairing varieties.

9. They’re Each Very Enticing

Positive, not all narcissists are naturally gorgeous, however 99.9% of them put a whole lot of time, cash, and care into how they appear.

As such, they’re the very best possible-looking variations of themselves, placing them towards the pinnacle of the aesthetic pack.

Since they worth facades, narcissists desire up to now engaging folks and discover one another. However the couple that preens and grooms collectively don’t at all times keep collectively.

10. They Idealize One One other

Have you ever ever watched a narcissistic “influencer couple?” Their content material is an train in performative fronting and manifestly devoid of self-awareness.

Positive, sometimes, they throw up an “I’ve troubles too” put up to garner consideration, however that’s all it’s: a unadorned ploy to regain the highlight. And 9.9 occasions out of 10, the alleged bother is a few variant of a backdoor brag.

We convey up the archetype as a result of they’re the poster kids for narcissists who idealize each other for private acquire. (What’s actually scary, although, is how many individuals fall for these varieties.)

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11. They Have Related Emotional Patterns

A thread operating via the explanations narcissists fall in love is similarity, and the identical holds for this one.

Since each events function on the narcissism abuse cycle — idealization, devaluation, discard, and hoover — they every know what’s occurring dynamically and react accordingly to feed their companion’s ego and maintain the cycle intact.

They could even use comparable speech patterns and mannerisms, bonding them additional.

12. They Really feel Protected within the Concept of the Relationship

Two narcissists in a pod might really feel emotionally protected. Once more, since they each abidingly observe the narcissistic abuse cycle, they will perform the ritual with out judgment or censure.

Furthermore, narcissistic {couples} are inclined to fall in love with the concept of the connection, which they see as an exquisite reflection of themselves. In different phrases, they shine by being collectively in what they assume seems like a great pairing.

13. They Love Immediate Gratification

When two narcissists land in one another’s…egos, issues normally get severe rapidly.


Folks with narcissistic character dysfunction get pleasure from a deep appreciation for fast gratification.

They need what they need when they need it, and that’s that! To them, ready isn’t one thing that superior folks, reminiscent of themselves, ought to must take care of. 

14. They’re Each Standing Obsessed

It’s not unsuitable to attempt for stuff you need, however narcissists take materialism to a different — wholly obnoxious — degree.

Their identities are totally wrapped up in what they personal, the place they trip, and the way they’re perceived. Resultantly, it’s commonplace to find narcissists dwelling above their means.

couple in a convertible car two narcissists in a relationship

When it comes to attraction, although, this mutual longing for outwardly going through success can draw folks collectively.

15. They Love the “Energy Couple” Highlight

Pathologically self-focused folks crave the limelight. Many insist that they don’t — particularly weak narcissists — however when the flood mild flicks on, they need to be the one standing beneath it at heart stage.

When two narcissists get collectively who worth the concept of a “energy couple,” they’ll see one another as a step that can enhance their profile.

Reasons narcissists are attracted to each other infographic

Issues When Two Narcissists Marry 

Whereas folks with sturdy self-absorbed traits can fall in love, issues will ultimately come up. It’s inevitable.

In spite of everything, when two deeply self-centered folks with little-to-no self-awareness compete for consideration and prioritization, issues get dramatic rapidly.

  • Can’t Present Real Care and Assist: NPD is a horrible situation introduced on by childhood trauma. That’s legitimately unhappy, and it’s good to have compassion. However due to their psychological leanings, narcissists can’t genuinely look after and help different folks. It’s at all times about them. As you possibly can think about, it’s not a top quality that promotes a long-lasting relationship.
  • Explosive Fights: After the preliminary infatuation stage wears off, the fights will start. Narcissists should be heart stage, which makes it troublesome when two are vying for a similar highlight.
  • Isolate Every Different: Since they want fixed consideration, narcissists might isolate one another from their family members. (Whether or not their “buddies” and households thoughts is one other dialogue for one more day.)
  • A lot of Dishonest: Bear in mind what we stated about on the spot gratification above? Nicely, that intense want results in a complete lot of dishonest on each side when narcissists marry.

Ultimate Ideas

We stated we wouldn’t lecture anybody about misusing the time period “narcissism.” However we should always level out that there are ranges to the situation. In some methods, all of us show some narcissistic traits. (If you happen to’ve ever taken a selfie, elevate your hand.)

So attempt to not haphazardly label people who find themselves merely behaving in a Twenty first-century framework. 

However when you do collide with a real-deal self-centered character sort, take steps to guard your psychological well being, emotional stability, and self-worth.

What does it look like to have two narcissists in a relationship? Find out the reason why these people are attracted to each other.